Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Things to remember

I swore I wouldn't forget the good things, the small things, but I already have to double check photos and calendars to remember when H got her first tooth. I need to write things down.


She calls her blanket "gak," which is also very similar to what she calls "drink." Simon, our dog, is "Dada." She ribbits like a frog across the house, lines her stuffed animals and dolls up in her bed every night, then in her bean bag chair every morning. She loves, and I mean loves, walking the dog. When she is in an unfamiliar situation, or a little nervous around new people, she has a nervous tick of asking "Where's Wessy?" If she accidentally startles W and makes him cry, she says "it's ok Wessy, it's ok!" then sucks her thumb and hugs him. She calls raisins "ro ro's", and "mo-mote" is how she indicates she wants her chair to move moved up. Yogurt is "EEE-gurt". But then, she can say words like "adventure," "almonds," and "Aleesha" just fine. She has a "Crocs only" policy as far as shoes are concerned. Funny girl.


He started rolling (from back to front first, the overachiever!) on Christmas Eve, at home. He giggles so much, such a happy baby. He likes being thrown up in to the air (much to the chagrin of my triceps), and his sister makes him laugh so hard. He's now 4.5 months, still not sitting yet but getting very close. He's wearing 6-9 month clothes. Last night he was up for at least 30 minutes after nursing at 3am, just hanging out, smiling, and staring at the ceiling fan. I laid him in his portacrib next to our bed, and he coo'd, did pushups, and spun in circles entertaining himself until he happily fell back asleep. He loves practicing his new skills.